why, oh, why?

One typical tangerine day in LA, three pals from
Not America took long drags from their cigarettes and

asked themselves, “why does Hollywood smell like shit when it rains?”

Yoy is a noise/punk band featuring Moe Kogano from Japan, Daniel Seah from Malaysia

and Conner Satyro from Canada.

Their first run in Seattle spanned 10 months and resulted in 40 shows and an EP in collaboration with Den Tapes.

Yoy are currently on hiatus . .. ...

The Inner Journey Goes Wrong is available on Den Tapes

and all streaming services (even amazon music, you weirdo)


yoy says yes to amplifier worship, blistered sausage fingers, joey, trench coat guardians, grandmas, waterfowl (including pigeons)


and to everything in the world that is good.